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Jul 6, 2015

NHS England has set out its planned investment decisions for certain specialised services as part of its annual commissioning round. Number of medical procedures and in-vitro diagnostic tests are included into routine commissining and three procedures will not be commissioned within NHS. 

Jun 22, 2015

The French National Authority for Health (HAS) has recently started up collection of the request for adding or modifying of procedure codes for national nomenclatures. The template of application in 2015 was also released. 

Jun 18, 2015

Ministry of Health has released two lists of implantable medical devices and medical aids: list of requests for inclusion into the List of Implantable Devices and Medical Aids (1) and the list of candidates for inclusion into the List, selected by the dedicated Commission of the Ministry (2). The List will become a key for market access in Russian in coming years.  


Jul 6, 2015

The Norwegian activity based funding scheme is reviewed yearly and on June 16th 2015, the Division of Health Economics and Financing of the Directorate of Health presented the development of DRG system in 2015 and preliminary DRG regulation for 2016. Read summary report from the meeting by our Affiliated Market Access Analyst, Ambra Fani. 

Jun 23, 2015

The working project on Health Economics in Radiation Oncology (HERO) published the first results from the analysis on equipment and staffing of radiotherapy facilities. In particular, three dimensions have been reviewed: equipment and departments of radiotherapy facilities, staffing of radiotherapy facilities and European guidelines on equipment and staffing of radiotherapy units.

May 23, 2015

Monitor tracks the performance of NHS foundation trusts to help them prevent operational issues from becoming quality problems and adversely affecting patient care. Issued report summarises the sector’s performance for the year ending 31 March 2015. For the first time, the foundation trust sector (152 bodies) ended the year with a net deficit (before impairments and transfers) of £349m. The size of the deficit was nearly £339m larger than that planned and £475m worse than 2013/14. Monitor is calling for actions: manage staffing cost more efficiently, make cost savings and transform services. 

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