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Nov 14, 2014

The List will be a foundation of reimbursement system for medical devices in Russia. As call for proposals was made at very short notice, not all manufacturers were able to submit proposals. Ministry has received proposals for inclusion of 24 medical aids and 1136 implantable devices. List of applications is available at the Web-site of Ministry of Health. 

Nov 5, 2014

Finding the health technology assessments (HTA) relevant to your technology is a challenge, almost like finding a needle in a haystack…Starting at €500, you will get a customized report of the HTAs related to your technology including a brief summary, the HTA body and a link to the full report. 

Nov 3, 2014

Last week a draft of a new law was issued in Germany that would require evaluation of new medical devices. This may create a substantial change for the early market access in Germany, which until now has had very limited hurdles for the introduction of in-patient procedures. 


Nov 25, 2014

Our analytical service, HTA Update, detected 33 reports, related to 12 technologies published or initiated by health technology assessment authorities from six European countries in October 2014.

Nov 4, 2014

For many medical device companies HTA has been an abstract topic that is being frequently discussed, but that has limited or no impact in the uptake of new products in many countries. HTAs would neither stop funding nor provide additional funding for valuable innovations. This is likely to change rapidly in the next few years. One of the first changes that is likely to come is the German introduction of an early assessment of new technologies.

Oct 24, 2014

In total, 49 evaluations of devices were performed by Spanish HTA bodies in 2013. In 61% of the evaluations economic evidence was considered, although most of reports (80%) limited their analysis to a systematic review of published economic analyses and only in 20% of cases economic analysis was performed. Industry needs to employ pro-active strategy of developing and publishing Spanish economic analysis, as it will very likely form a foundation for decision-making by HTA bodies. 

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Visit Synergus at the 3rd Annual Medical Device Access Leaders Forum in Berlin, Germany at the Radisson Blu Hotel on December 8th – 10th. Synergus CEO, Mattias Kyhlstedt will be the chairperson for the HTA Forum which will be held the first day of the conference, December 8th. 

Dec 11, 2014 - 17.00-18.00 CET
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Extensive overview of French national hospital database (PMSI) and its applicability for evidence generation to support market activities for medical devices companies.