17 Oct 2017

Synergus’ analysis included the 10 latest HTA reports by different national and regional HTA bodies in Sweden.

03 Oct 2017

This is a summary of the pilot study regarding the development of a value-based monitoring platform for bariatric surgery in Sweden.

26 Sep 2017

The aim of our review is to uncover which real world datasets, based on patient / disease based registries, exist in Europe regarding atrial fibrillation .

01 Aug 2017

Many medical device manufacturers have found themselves caught in a trap where there is a DRG and/or ZE (add-on payment) available for their technology but where the insurance companies refuse to pay this fee.

30 Jun 2017

We are currently exploring how artificial intelligence can be used to identify articles of relevance to a specific query. We invite you to participate in our early trial of how this can be used to identify articles related to real world evidence related Stroke in Europe. The basis for this is a broader research project where we aim to identify all real world evidence coming from disease registries regarding this disease.