my-RWE : The real world evidence community

Dear Colleagues,

We have a dream to develop a community where we work together to establish best practice of how to utilise real world data/evidence to advance health care.

The aim of this is to have a community online as well as an annual meeting where real world evidence practitioners meet.

We hope that we will be able to bring together different stakeholders such as industry, academia, clinicians and decision makers for the common goal of best utilising opportunities that real world evidence provides.

The objective is that we will develop material that we will publish on the site as well as creating forums that facilitate interaction between the members. We hope that we over time would be able to provide more contributors of content.

We are doing this as a non-profit initiative, where any surplus of this resource will go to scholarships/grants for refugees or developing countries research projects.

We are honored to have Jawad Alkhouri to lead this project. He is a pharmacist who recently came to Sweden from Syria and is currently participating in an executive education program by Stockholm School of economics at the same time as he interns with us to establish this new community.

We will provide further information at a later date but for now would appreciate your feedback of how we together can make this a great community.

Please take 5-10 minutes to answer this brief survey.

Best Regards,

Mattias Kyhlstedt